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For three decades, I have helped create individualized plans to meet the long-term financial goals of my clients. If you have questions about investments, insurance, taxes, retirement or estate planning or would like to know how to receive tax free retirement income, set up an appointment so I can help.   


A Proven Approach


In tandem with my expertise as a Certified Cashflow Specialist, I will use my proven ten-step process to help you find tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars you may be losing unknowingly and unnecessarily. Imagine what your Retirement could look like if this money was recaptured and used for your future.


Why Us

We will teach you how money really works. We will teach you how and why the Government and Financial Institutions have taught us to think about money for their benefit not ours. We will  help you answer the four most important Financial questions. We will focus on where you are losing money in the five areas of wealth transfers and explain why RRSP's may not be the right choice for your retirement. Ask yourself this question: If what you thought to be true about money, mortgages, taxes and RRSPs turned out not to be true, when would you want to know? 


Watch this video to understand why you need a Cash Flow Plan. 


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About Us


Scott Cordier, CFP, CLU, CCS, Infinite Banking Practioner

 I have had a love for investing since my first paper route. Professionally I began in 1994, quickly achieved my Certified Financial Planner (CFP) designation and have never stopped my pursuit of greater education. I have achieved the Certified Cash Flow Specialist (CCS) designation and recently achieved the designation of Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU) in 2018. 

All of this to help YOU!   


Peter Majthenyi, Mortgage Broker, Founder, AMP

 I started out with a degree in Economics and Investments and quickly realized I enjoyed the aspect of “Giving Clients Money, vs. taking Clients Money”…It is all about having financial wellness and a mortgage with a plan is a great foundation for building just that. Now with our mortgage business, combined with our CFF Bank we can develop a complete financial blue print for you from the ground up!

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